Information For the Guys


What Do I Bring?

  • Your $30 session fee (all forms of payment accepted)
  • We furnish the tux you will need for your formal session.
  • All you need to bring for this session is a plain-T-shirt (no collar) to wear underneath the tux shirt we provide.
  • School dress code rules apply!
  • Bring 2 casual outfits. Your entire outfit may show.
  • One outfit will be for your indoor casual session and the other will be for the outdoor session.
  • Wear whatever is unique to you!
  • If you would like, bring a hobby item, musical instrument or even your pet!
  • Aside from dogs and cats, we have seen tarantulas, lizards and even horses!

Our Suggestions:

  • School dress code rules apply for your formal session.
  • Do not chew gum during your session.
  • Avoid tanning before session. Tan lines are an extra cost to remove.
  • Do not make any drastic hair changes before your session date -you may regret it!
  • If a resit is desired due to hair or other reasons, a resit fee of $20 will be charged.